hair bundles
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Spirit Aerosystems

  • Successful completion and on-time delivery for FAI's spars and lower panels – A350XWB.
  • Attained MRL-6 at the shortest lead time.

TAML manufactures Airbus A350 Fixed leading edge wing components for Spirit Aero systems, Prestwick. The program is a one of a kind concurrent engineering, development program where TAML is involved right from tool design & manufacturing, part manufacturing & sub assembly of wing structural parts. We are the single source suppliers for these parts. We are into manufacturing and supply of about 37 different parts of the Leading Edge Wing Panels and 34 different parts of Spar Stiffeners for A350XWB through Spirit Aero Systems based at Prestwick, UK. In addition, we are proud to have contributed composite parts to the first flight of A350XWB that took off on the 14th of June 2013. TAML is proud to have attained MRL-6 Manufacturing Readiness Level) and is aiming at MRL-7.